How to download KMPlayer 64-bit version

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It has become an era where many people use YouTube. Of course, there are many cases where you need to use a program that can view downloaded videos. Among the various video players that exist, I would like to introduce you to one that can view various high-definition video players. Today we are going to tell you about km player. There are people who call it KMP player, but there are a lot of people who think this is KMPlayer wrong and talk about it. I think there are people who have been using it for a long time like GOM Player. KM Player has recently been updated. Let’s get rid of the old version of the program and try the latest km player download from the official website.

About KM Player

This is KMPlayer with the slogan that it will play all the videos in the world. In the case of the newly introduced KMPlayer, which is good for use in Windows 10, it is a player that not only supports 8K, but is also quite optimized for high-use PCs such as 60FPS.

KMP works on Windows 64-bit.

Learn about KMPlayer features and advantages

As you know, the more high-end PCs that are coming out recently, the more high-quality content you need to play. This means that you need a program that will support the speed soon. Even with such an increase in speed, a system environment that can keep up is required, and by improving the performance of KMP, it has become a player that can play all files such as 4K, 8K, and 60FPS.

kmp player
kmp player

KM Player Main Features

As many people know, it is possible to realize high-quality video. The type of video supported supports high-quality video such as 4K, 8K, UHD, and 60FPS that is higher than that of other players. It also has the advantage of using the Video Renderer system to rotate the screen and play high-quality images. Because it supports codecs such as HEVC (h.265), h.264, and VP9, ​​even the latest high-quality video codec video uses hardware acceleration even in Windows 10 environment. This significantly reduces CPU share, so users can enjoy high-quality images even when using a low-spec PC or building a multi-tasking environment.

KMP with strong playback performance

KM Player Main Features 2

In addition, almost all video formats are supported. It is not an exaggeration to say that almost everything on the market can be used as it supports not only subtitles in various formats other than AVI MP4 file format but also Blu-ray image subtitles, PGS subtitles, and Blu-ray discs and DVDs. There is also a YouTube download function, which has the advantage of being able to play or download videos directly from KMPlayer using a YouTube URL.

KM Player FAQ

How to Remove KM Player Ads?

Many people have said that KMP is messy because of advertisements. How to remove ads is a thing of the past. The reason is the company’s choice to boldly remove ads. In the existing 32-bit version, it was necessary for users to avoid advertisements by cutting off communication with the server and advertising channels, but now there is no need to do that.

Remove ads from kmplayer

KMPlayer 64x License (Registration)

I think he’s a player who thinks he’s made up his mind. If you’re wondering how to use it in your business, you don’t have to worry about that. The reason is that KMPlayer64X is freeware. It is a free software that can be freely installed and used for non-commercial purposes anywhere, such as personal/corporate/PC room/school/public office.

Search and download KMPlayer subtitles

It is one of the functions that many people are not familiar with, but try using KM Player’s subtitle search function that you liked the most other than playback. When watching a foreign movie or drama, if the subtitles are out of sync or there is a mistranslation, you should try this function instead of just watching it. The automatic subtitle search and download function is highly recommended!

Whether it’s Windows 7 or Windows 10, you can set it to run automatically when you start, and you can set functions such as receiving a notification one minute in advance.

KMPlayer Reviews and Ratings

It is said that many people are generally satisfied with what they are talking about and that they are using it. There are many opinions that it is good because it has better features and is lighter than before, and users who have been using it satisfactorily for a long time had opinions that it is much better than the 32-bit version. A lot of people said that the subtitle download function is very convenient, and I also think that this function is the best function other than video playback. It is also recommended to install the integrated codec and try it.

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